There have been a few changes around the blog recently:

  1. Mirkwood is no longer a member of 9rules, following a newly adopted membership agreement which requires participation in the 9rules member forums. I left on principle, because mandatory participation, even the barest minimum of it, just wouldn’t be fun. I still regard 9rules as a network of fine blogs, and I accept the 9rulers’ view that they are better off without members who contribute only blog entries and not much else.
  2. The Policies page has been absorbed into the About page. It was self-indulgent on my part to have a separate page for legalese on such a small blog.
  3. All the blogs inside the blogroll have now been merged under a single heading provisionally (and redundantly) christened “Blogroll”. The categorization into “Litblogs” and “Interesting Places” and “Art” and “Scientific” became too artificial given the variety that these excellent bloggers bring to their online expressions.

I am also contemplating the following changes:

  1. Buying webspace and self-hosting the blog instead of keeping it at There is no real justification for this, except that if I buy webspace for email and archival, it might make sense to move the blog as well. Another reason for thinking about self-hosting is that I would be immune to Automattic‘s highly annoying strategy of introducing text link advertisements on blogs whenever they wish. I wasn’t too worried about this until recently, and so I am an even bigger sucker than “that girl again”.
  2. Replacing the “Archives by Topic” in the sidebar with a category cloud
  3. Getting rid of the “Archives by Month” in the sidebar. I hardly ever use it when I visit other people’s blogs.