Of all the things you can say against bikeshares …

Delia Ephron seems capable of simultaneously holding these two thoughts in her mind:

  1. Jaywalking in New York City is a birthright.
  2. Salmoning in New York City is a crime.

In a recent opinion piece for the Times, her best argument against New York City’s bike-share program is that the bikes are … blue.

Almost all directors and cinematographers know that, in a movie, the color blue pulls focus…our city is browns, grays, greens and brick red,” Ms. Ephron writes. “Our city is not a blue city… or wasn’t until the blue bikes arrived.

Ephron devotes an incredible amount of print space to this rather vacuous, stupid  peeve. One gets the impression that if Citibank had required the bikes to be a beautiful burnt sienna color instead of the mercenary trademarked Citibank Blue, Ephron would acquiesce with the entire bikeshare program – her dubious ethics of the relative rights of pedestrians and cyclists notwithstanding.

It is appalling that such utter tripe can command print space in The New York Times. Evidently, being a Hollywood screen-writer with a penchant for peddling escapist melodrama has its entitlements.


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