Mr. and Mrs. Redtail

Buzz and Ruby Redtail moved in to my neighborhood at 185 Alewife Brook Parkway, just beside the new Trader Joe’s. Last year, the couple had three children – Lucy, Lucky, and Larry, who have since left home leaving (literally) an empty nest. Then, Buzz and Ruby left too. This year, to many peoples’ great surprise, Buzz and Ruby are back at 185 Alewife for the second year running. Little Redtails are being hatched and are expected to arrive in April 2011. 🙂

Video by Ernie Sarro of Boston, Mass.

3 thoughts on “Mr. and Mrs. Redtail”

  1. I have yet to have faced the imminent threat of being doored. I used to consider Cincinnati traffic to be bad, but I’m finding—from other cyclists’ experiences—that I’ve got it pretty good. We don’t have many bike lanes, and I’ve had a couple of “conversations” with motorists, but I feel perfectly safe on these roads.

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