A lull in Mirkwood, 2nd edition

Hello bloggers and readers,

I’d just like to peek out and say that my blogging frequency will reduce for the coming few weeks. Two weeks ago, I moved to the east coast for a job. It will take a while before I become comfortable with the new surroundings and new expectations and get my work and house in order. Reading hasn’t stopped altogether, but the opportunities are fewer and shorter. Often, I carry a book to read on the short, daily train ride from Porter Square to Kendall and back.

These days, it takes me between two to four hours to write a single post, which is very long by blogging standards. So, I thought it might be better to go slow for a few weeks. I hope to be back to “normal” blogging soon. Meanwhile, I shall have a lot of fun catching up with all the posts that I have missed on my favorite blogs when I made the protracted move from California.

Blog on!


One thought on “A lull in Mirkwood, 2nd edition”

  1. I used to carry a little guilt about this, undaunted by the fact that my readership, both Danielle and my mom, don’t seem to worry too much if I’m not posting. Now, it’s just a torrent of things worth writing about and too little…well, probably attention span. To wit: I could be writing a post now, instead of a comment.

    We’re a cyclic group, bloggers.

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