Early conference commitments interrupt an uncomfortable slumber before the sun has scaled the Utahan Rockies. Beside the bed, The Cartoon Guide to Statistics is sprawled upside down with its makeshift bookmark bent out of shape. I cannot recall what I read last. The calves ache from dehydration. A tired start to a long day. (6:21 am, Tuesday, March 27, 2007.)



PS: Later, it snowed for more than a day, and Polaris recovered his spirits after a breathless walk to a ski slope. 2 days later, he was happy to breathe the California air again.

5 thoughts on “Exhaustion”

  1. That’s a good description of fatigue. I’m glad you got to breathe! (And I didn’t know you were a “he” — or is it just Polaris who is a he?)

  2. Yes, Lily, I’m a “he”! Oops, I wasn’t aware that you didn’t know. Now that I think of it, you might not be the only person who didn’t know: Since males seem to be in the minority in the litblogosphere, it is statistically sound to assume that a litblogger of uncertain gender is a woman 🙂 .

    My About page shows the silhouette of a boy aged two years old. Besides, the header art contains a digital drawing that I made of a young man reading under a tree and being watched by a squirrel. I just assumed that everyone knew!

  3. Yes, I see the clues now. I think my mistake happened when I learned you had sisters, and assumed that all groups of siblings come in three — all the same sex — like in fairy tales. I thought Mandarine was a woman too, a mistake I see does not absolve me of being unobservant, but simply makes it clear that I would not be much use trying to identify birds or flowers.

    But I did enjoy, for a time, the vision I had of a nice young woman living in Palo Alto, studying in the sciences, being mad for tennis, and loving books. I’ll have to recalibrate that a bit! xo, BL

  4. BL, here is what my (male) friends often complain about:
    0. Women in the Bay Area, period: Few
    1. Women in the Bay Area who love to read: Fewer
    2. Women in the Bay Area who study engineering/sciences: Even Fewer
    3. Women in the Bay Area who are *mad* for tennis: Too Few

    4. Women in the bay area who love to read, study science and engineering, and are mad for tennis: Exceedingly Rare! Statistically improbable 😉 .

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