An unwelcome opportunity to read

As my interest in The Heart of Darkness grew over the past fortnight, reading time continued to dwindle. So much time was spent in programming that it left me with neither the leisure nor the energy to read. This disconnect reached comical proportions when, a week ago, I took to carrying the book to the gym. As the people around me read anything from tabloids to course notes while running on the treadmill, I took a chance with a large-print edition of The Heart of Darkness. This was a disaster; I read five pages in two outings, and had to repeat them again. Apparently, the treadmill does not jive well with Conrad.

Now, without my asking, an opportunity has presented itself. The flu, hovering ominously in my apartment for the past 4 days, has struck. As my roommate showed signs of recovery, I felt that the worst had passed, but now a cold and a fever have me feeling rather grumpy. All manner of precautions, separate utensils, disinfectant sprays, precautionary multivitamins, spending less time at home, have been in vain. So much for my false pride in being resistant to infection. I just hope that this does not reduce me to the pitiable condition which my apartment mate was in – incarcerated at home with an additional bacterial infection utterly unable to work.

Now, I have some time to read. I didn’t want this, being deluged with work which is progressing too slowly for comfort. So it was that, temporarily pacified with Acetaminophen, I spent an hour Friday night reading under a comforter. It is a short novel, and at this pace, I might not only meet the dreaded Mr. Kurtz, but will probably also finish the book tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “An unwelcome opportunity to read”

  1. It took me three reads to finally feel passion for the Heart of Darkness, but once I did it was full, fall on your butt adoration. I am sorry, though, that you have the flu – but I bet there’s an essay in there somewhere, reading Conrad while prone…

  2. Hope you feel better. I just read a book called “No One Care What You Had for Lunch . . . ” and critiqued it in my blog. I’m reading a very interesting book right now called, “A Writer at War”. I just wish I had more time between work to read it! Regards.

  3. Hey Thx for stopping by my blog,

    To answer your question: I think the Ryder Cup had a very deep field this year and the Europeans simply out-played the American Team. I think in the past, especially in the early years of the Ryder, the American teams have always been better than the Europeans. In the modern age of golf however, it has become more equalized and the Europeans simply had a better team.

    I like the look of your blog. How did you get that book picture in your side column . I’m still trying to learn some tricks about this blogging thing. I’ve seen some cewl headers that don’t seem to be in the ‘presentation’ portion of the dashboard. I also don’t really understand the comments and full feeds? Can you help me?


  4. Albert, the book picture on the right is obtained simply by:
    1. Uploading an image
    2. Creating a text widget with a link to the uploaded image
    I’m afraid the other questions are too detailed for me to answer. The best bet would be to look in the readymade answers on the FAQ Page. Also, the forums are awash with threads on how to put customized headers on themes.

  5. Oh poor you – the flu is always such a horrible thing. I don’t know that Heart of Darkness is really appropriate for convalescence. Do you have something light, cheerful and fluffy that would do for the next day or two?

  6. litlove, courtney: Thanks. Luckily this was a quick recovery. I’m happy there was very little down-time at work. H.o.D is not quite suitable when prone. Too dark. Morbid even. I tried Allegra Goodman’s Intuition – very interesting to begin with, but my interest flagged around page 60. I will pick it up again soon.

    Its a pity there was no Mma Ramotswe book in the house this week.

  7. That’s just the thing, I think — I’m sorry it wasn’t available. I hope you’re on the mend, though. I wish it wasn’t the case that life becomes so full of other obligations you have to be ill before reading is possible. Still, it’s good to see illness as an opportunity rather than a curse, and to read rather than whine is always a fine decision.

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