A lull in Mirkwood

Owing to dissertation deadlines, a looming conference, and a tough job-search, I am going to have to curtail my reading time for the next two months at least. Since Mirkwood is directly related to my reading activity, I expect that there will be fewer updates during this time. I am not considering a complete drought but want to restrict posting and commenting to the weekends.

By my usual standards, 2006 has been The Year of Reading Furiously. Now, I must attend to real life ;).

4 thoughts on “A lull in Mirkwood”

  1. Good luck with all your projects – they sound time-consuming but worthwhile! And some reading alongside will doubtless help to keep you sane and cheerful. I swear books contain a special vitamin that feeds the soul!

  2. Carl: I hope so too. It is a pity that this comes at the precise time that you have begun your R.I.P. challenge. I looked at the prize that Jeff got and thought “Damn!” ;).

    Bloglily and Litlove: Thanks. I want to see how this goes for a few weeks. I’m thinking of writing something as I think of it, and then doing all the corections, links, etc. on the weekend before I publish the post. Blogging is incredibly captivating, addictive even, but the other challenges at this point are far too important to ignore for the sake of a few moments of blogging pleasure. As Litlove mentioned, I certainly hope to be able to carry on with *some* extra-curricular reading during this time.

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